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yiffpuppy [userpic]
My quizzy
by yiffpuppy (yiffpuppy)
at October 3rd, 2009 (12:44 am)

Fursona Basics

Name: Lazar
Age: 37
Sex: M
Sexuality: Mostly gay
Species: Blue foxish thing.
Special features: I'm just weird.
Are you mated: IRL yes, open marriage. IC, I'm looking for a daddy.

BDSM Basics

Dom or sub: Sub, open to trying dom.
Do you have a Master/Mistress: Not yet.
Do you have any pets/slaves: No.
What are your turn ons: Daddy/son roleplay, and I'm masochistic.
What are your hard limits: Damage, scat, and necro. Most others I can find a way to enjoy.